Synopsis of SMOG a Literary Crime Thriller

The novel is set in December 1952. London is in the grip of a dangerous smog. Nineteen year old Charlie lives there with his mother, working as a clerk for a small private detective agency. It's a dull life, and he wants to change it by leaving home and dumping his clinging girlfriend Sally. When beautiful Sylvia Bovey-Chase comes to the firm asking for help, he is bewitched by her.

Charlie's mother Miriam is haunted by her husband's death twenty years earlier. She watched him die in a Provencal hospital, partly due to her own negligence following a minor accident.

Charlie lets Sylvia manipulate him into working for her directly. He feels out of place in her glossy world and his expectations are incongruous. As the weather deteriorates and the smog thickens, Charlie loses hold of reality and learns of a link between Sylvia and his mother which leads him down a dangerous path, revealing stories of infidelity, seduction and lies.