Currently Kate Ruse is working on a series of poems about childhood, called Someone's Got to Love the Child.

For the fifth year running a selection of poems have been interpreted by Design students at De Montfort University.

  • This video link is to the poem 'Yellow Star - Man in a Black Coat' Interpreted by Ross West as part of his Interactive Design degree course. (Video)
  • 'Saffron' interpreted by Zhlyu Zhao, Interactive Design Student. (Video)
  • 'Echopraxia' interpreted by Kishan Patel and choreographed and danced by Annie Robinson (Video)
  • 'Songs' interpreted Marsali Thompson, animation student (Video)
  • 'Silence' interpreted by Gemma Ryan, animation student (Video)
  • 'Songs' interpreted by Mathew Hart, animation student (Video)
  • 'Silence' interpreted by Mathew Aldred, animation student (Video)

Kate Ruse is involved in a collaboration with four other poets and Leicester Society of Artists in a project entitled Drawing on Words. The exhibition, to be held at Leicester New Walk Museum late in 2013, will combine Poetry and Art under the theme of 'Communication'.