Kate Ruse started writing when she was eight. Trained as a dancer, she decided to change direction and became an art teacher. She lived in America, Israel, Nigeria, Malaysia and Singapore and the UK. Kate's work has been published in magazines in both the USA and Britain.

Below is a poem called LOVES previously published by Original Plus in a collection of poems about the dancer Nijinsky and the writer Kafka, entitled CORRIDORS.

Nijinsky - St Moritz - 1919

He feels the cold    he feels the heat
a man of love can disguise his hate
throw a  moujik's jacket over a dancer's robes.

The snow creaks      birds screech
far off voices of skiers
skim  like smooth stones over water.

He walks through villages closed after winter.
At Campfer he avoids the war bulletins
posted outside the telegraph office.

Love penetrates down   fluttering
but it is peace he stalks before the rain
turns clarity to slush      he removes his gloves.

Most things frighten him
the contradiction of lust tapering away
from repulsion   silence    music.

To love one must know hate
to understand madness one must have moments
of sanity    he suffers all simultaneously  filling him up.